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  1. The Dead and the Naked
  2. The Book is (Not Quite) Dead
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The Dead and the Naked

Nothing can be made , of, from, or with this text. The poetics of a riot are, of course, necessarily, truthfully, barbaric. By insisting on its failure, Kapil acknowledges the necessity of replicating violence with violent, self-defeating language. However, she expresses that she nevertheless wishes she could write a better book, wishes this were a better world.

To begin. To live again—affixed to the circuitry of the non-living world…Almost but never quite dead. She is body of the novel that she could not write, the body that was burned. She is a body, burned, but not quite dead, that lingers somehow, monstrously, like words themselves, the act of writing poetry. To never begin. The novel ends.

She is the author of the novel Silk Flowers Birds of Lace, , the poetry chapbook Letter to Theresa dancing girl press, , and the novella Sacramento Solar Luxuriance, Brut, Black Sun Lit , and elsewhere. All Introspection. On Cinder Blocks June 28, A San Francisco Story June 28, Variations: Landslide June 12, Variations on a Theme: Walls June 5, The Crosswalk June 12, The Birds: French Whimbrel June 11, The Library June 5, All Collaborative Review Video Review. Collaborative Review. Lords of Waterdeep in Conversation February 25, Video Review.

Basal Ganglia by Matthew Revert March 31, There is a portrait of my mother, at nineteen, With the black spaniel, standing by the garden seat, The dainty head held high against the painted green And throwing out the youngest smile, shy, but half haughty and half sweet. Her picture then: but simply Youth, or simply Spring To me to-day: a radiance on the wall, So exquisite, so heart-breaking a thing Beside the mask that I remember, shrunk and small, Sapless and lined like a dead leaf, All that was left of oh!

And in the glass, last night, I saw a ghost behind my chair— Yet why remember it, when one can still go moderately gay—? Or could—with any one of the old crew, But oh! That is not always true: there was my Mother well at least the dead are free!

The Book is (Not Quite) Dead

Yoked to the man that Father was; yoked to the woman I am, Monty too; The little portress at the Convent School, stewing in hell so patiently; The poor, fair boy who shot himself at Aix. And what of me—and what of me? But I, I paid for what I had, and they for nothing. No, one cannot see How it shall be made up to them in some serene eternity. If there were fifty heavens God could not give us back the child who went or never came; Here, on our little patch of this great earth, the sun of any darkened day.

Not one of all the starry buds hung on the hawthorn trees of last year's May, No shadow from the sloping fields of yesterday; For every hour they slant across the hedge a different way, The shadows are never the same. He will take us stripped and done, Driven into His heart. So we are won: Then safe, safe are we? But I shall not be in them.

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Let Him take The finer ones, the easier to break. And they are not gone, yet, for me, the lights, the colours, the perfumes, Though now they speak rather in sumptuous rooms. In silks and in gemlike wines; Here, even, in this corner where my little candle shines And overhead the lancet-window glows With golds and crimsons you could almost drink To know how jewels taste, just as I used to think There was the scent in every red and yellow rose Of all the sunsets. But this place is grey, And much too quiet. No one here, Why, this is awful, this is fear! In the Wake of Armadeus 3.

Judgement of the Dead 4. The Black Mass 5. Night Rider 6. The Dance of the Banshee 7. Gatefold LP version includes a page booklet about the early history of the band, new layout, and remastered songs, and jewelcase CD version includes exclusive liner-notes and remastered songs. The Lords of Hypocrisy 2.

Sentinels of Hate 4. Armageddon 5. The Interlude 6. The Aftermath 7. The Masquerade 8. The Devil Came Down to Brockley 9. March of the Dead. A gem of a record whose mysterious songs inspire total and complete devotion. Gatefold DLP version includes new layout with cover art from artist Adam Burke and remastered songs, and jewelcase CD version includes exclusive liner-notes and remastered songs.

What was behind the decision to re-record the instruments on The Room of Shadows? Was there something specific that was missing?

I had a great chemistry with Andy Green and Diccon Harper , with whom we started to write Never Quite Dead , the original name of the album. Unfortunately Andy had to move to Wiltshire — which is about miles away from London it was too hard to come to practices every week , and Diccon eventually left the band.

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I really enjoyed playing with these guys, and I felt that they were the best musicians for the job. But now, the album reflects much more what we wanted to do — we are very much satisfied with it! How do you feel when you listen to these songs now as a finished product, or do you listen to them at all? What do you think of when you hear his performance on the album? We originally wrote the album in when we were recording Mythical and Magical , just to give our minds a rest from the other album.

I Wrote a Book! – Out Now!

When we were recording Lords of Hypocrisy we were writing Mythical and Magical … But yeah, the album is not a tribute as such as it would have came out anyway if Terry was still there. Terry and I always used to think as one — we always agreed musically and we never argued about music. I just carried on and I knew what we both wanted, so I got the musicians that I thought could do the job.

So what’s changed?

I listen to The Room of Shadows quite often, and all the way through, which I never do normally with records. Oh, no — it was a complete coincidence! Terry always wanted to do a song about Jack the Ripper.

I was just fiddling about with it and came up with the main riff. We just started playing around, did a bit and everything followed. It was really strange, never happened to us before… It only took us minutes to pretty much finish it.

'INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD' - Finishing funds | Indiegogo

How did that come together? How did you make the choice to go with Brendan on vocals? If all goes well, could Time Lord be an ongoing project? I also dropped in that we would play live if the opportunity came up — and she kind of took it from there. Wings of Metal is her festival, and she pretty much arranged everything for Time Lord.

Also, of course, everyone who has bought our albums or streamed them! We are really grateful. He once told us that there was a room when he was a child that he would never go into… so it is based on a true story:. The adults lost their perception of, the truth only a child can see The price we pay for material gain, the price for material greed.

Pagan Altar - Judgement Of The Dead (Live)

Pagan Altar on Thee Facebooks. Pagan Altar on Bandcamp. Pagan Altar website. Temple of Mystery Records website.