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Elisha was ploughing the field when Elijah threw his cloak upon him and so invited him to share in his prophetic mission. It was literally a case of burning his bridges leaving no option of turning back. The second reading is taken from the letter to the Galatians and St Paul reminds each and everyone of us of our call to be freed from bondage to sin. Jesus freed us once and for all and He means for us to remain free and not to surrender once again to the bondage to sin.

Travel – Reflections of a restless mind

Freedom does not mean self-indulgence. True freedom is found in surrendering ourselves to the law of love on which stands the whole law — to love one another as ourselves. Paul teaches that if we are led by the Spirit then we will live in true freedom loving and serving God.

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The Gospel presents a similar theme. The reading begins with the observation that as the time drew near for Jesus to be taken to heaven, He resolutely took the road to Jerusalem. As with the other synoptic gospels, Luke follows a similar pattern where after His ministry in Galilee, Jesus begins His journey to Jerusalem that will culminate in His passion, crucifixion and resurrection. Jesus knew that His time was coming and in spite of the horrors that awaited Him, He stepped resolutely towards His destiny.

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Along the way, Jesus met people who professed to want to follow Him but Jesus reminded them that His journey would be difficult and painful. He called some to follow Him but they hesitated wanting to attend to their homely chores first. But Jesus reminded them that when God calls anyone to His service, it is simply not acceptable to postpone our response.

No-one who looks back is fit for the Kingdom.

Mark Twain Quotes About Rewriting Your Life

Each of us is called to a mission. Do we even acknowledge the call? And how do we respond? At the time there was no other choice but to be a woman, so I figured I was meant to be one. After a lifetime of dodging the issue, I finally woke up in Trinidad, Colo. I was a woman. I was lucky to find some of the few lesbians who were willing to regard me — a newly minted, self-appointed woman — as one of them. So I said to heck with it, you win.

There was no word or place for me in the binary gender system. At first, it scared me.

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When it comes to gender and sexuality, I am nothing but possibilities. All of us are virtually nothing in the eyes of a culture that sees two and only two. Recent surveys have shown that 50 percent of millennials believe gender to be a spectrum, and it seems that over 35 percent of the members of Generation Z know someone who uses a gender-neutral pronoun.

The Art of Slow Writing: Reflections on Time, Craft, and Creativity

Kate Bornstein is a performance artist, actress and writer. But in , there was not much in the way of trans media, and given the lack of affirmation or resources, I stepped away from that term. I was also in a conservative household in a conservative community, and already struggling with feelings of not fitting in. My-father-worked-two-jobs-poor, but my-mother-still-had-to-remove-items-from-our-shopping-cart-at-the-grocery-store poor. About , of us were there from around the country, a good turnout but much smaller than subsequent marches — when being out and proud was less dangerous.

At the second national march, in , I was invited to be one of eight major speakers. It was exhilarating to speak before a crowd of nearly one million people.

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Three decades later, despite some genuine efforts to increase diversity, especially in progressive movement circles, exclusivity and elitism still divide us.