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Beginning its serialization in , Bleach is still a mainstay in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. In , Bleach was awarded the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award in the shonen boys category. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist.

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USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview A paranormal action-adventure about sword-wielding guardians of the afterlife. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Bleach is author Tite Kubo's second title. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Bleach, Vol. Cleaning up the afterlife — one spirit at a time! R to L Japanese Style. As Ichigo looks on in shock, Isshin headbutts him across the town, but Ichigo is able to hold onto a building. However, Isshin appears right where he is and begins kicking him off the building. After he accomplishes this, Aizen tells Isshin it was smart to create some distance.

Isshin then goes to where Ichigo fell and begins holding his mouth shut. As he tells Ichigo that he knows he wants to ask him a lot of things, Ichigo kicks him in the face and states that he knows when to keep quiet. Isshin then tells him that no matter how much he looks at him, his eyes aren't deceiving him and tells Ichigo that he must have a million questions.

Ichigo tells him that he doesn't though and states that if he didn't tell him anything, then it was for his own reasons and it will be his problem.

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Isshin tells him he's learned to speak rather competently and Ichigo thanks him for punching him, as it feels to him like he's been brought back. Aizen is seen on a building and he states that Isshin must have put up a powerful barrier to hide his Reiatsu. Gin shows up behind him and Aizen remarks that he took a rather long period of sightseeing. Gin replies that he wasn't sightseeing, but that he simply didn't see an opening or the necessity to come to his aid. Ichigo then appears behind Gin and attacks him. As Aizen watches this, Isshin appears as well and engages him.

The two clash, and to Aizen's surprise Isshin grins and uses his middle finger to flick his own arm, which has the affect of launching Aizen straight through several buildings.

BLEACH- El despertar (Manga narrado 666-672)

Gin remarks to Ichigo that it's been quite a while, and that he won't hold back this time. He then activates his Bankai. Isshin continues to attack Aizen, but he is able to dodge his blows.

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Ichigo plainly states he doesn't remember. When Gin asks if he is trying to provoke him, Ichigo explains that what he doesn't remember is his sword or his heart. Ichigo further explains his philosophy on battle. He notes that normally he can understand someone's motivation by crossing swords with them, in this way he translates his hearts intention and his opponent translates theirs. Gin makes fun of him for being so poetic, but Ichigo brushes him off and continues in his explanation.

Bleach: Volume 46 manga review

He states that Gin has shown nothing to him and when they last fought, Gin saw nothing in him either. Ichigo admits he doesn't even know what he saw. Gin states that he thought Ichigo was an amusing kid, but now thinks he is simply a creepy one. He then notes that Aizen is interested in Ichigo and that he thinks he knows how Aizen feels. When Ichigo makes note that he doesn't, Gin states that it extends sword lengths. He recalls that when he was a kid people called him the Hundred Sheather. Ichigo maintains his disinterest in conversation, so Gin asks him if he knows about his Bankai and how far it can extend.

Ichigo states he didn't come there for a quiz show. Gin is disappointed when Ichigo refuses to play his guessing game, and figures that he may as well show him so he can understand. Gin then states that it can extend 13 km, but realizes that stating the number wont get the point across, he then tells Ichigo this time he wont go easy on him. Gin then releases his Bankai Kamishini no Yari , in an instant several buildings around them are bisected and begin to topple over.

He swings the blade at Ichigo, but Ichigo easily blocks it. Gin is somewhat surprised by this, and Ichigo asks why, considering there is no way any Bankai could be incapable of being stopped by another Bankai. When the smoke clears Gin is lightly injured and remarks again that Ichigo is a creepy kid.

Ichigo figures out what is truly frightening about Kamishini no Yari, as Aizen reaches the limits of his Shinigami body. Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto watches the battle between Gin and Ichigo and simply says Gin's name a single time. Gin reiterates to Ichigo that he's a creepy kid and states that if he doesn't finish him off soon, things will get bad.

Gin states that it seems as if his Bankai was easily stopped and decides to stick to the basics with him. He then lunges straight at Ichigo and continuously attacks him. Gin then manages to cut Ichigo's left shoulder, but he is able to dodge the next blow. Gin then jumps on top of a rooftop and Ichigo tells him that the scariest part of his Bankai isn't the length it can go nor it's destructive power, but the immense speed at which it contracts.

Gin confirms this and begins to think to himself that Ichigo is scary for being able to deduce all of that from only two attacks, and believes that this battle is going to drag on.

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Gin then tells Ichigo that there's no point in hiding anything anymore and claps his hands. He then explains to Ichigo that even if he knows that, he still has no victory. The two of them then continue their battle. Isshin tells Aizen that his movements are getting slow and asks him if he's at his limit. Aizen confirms this, but states that this is only for his Shinigami form.

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Isshin doesn't believe this, but Aizen begins to explain that he only became aware of this after becoming its master. He claims that it has brought about the "miracles" surrounding Ichigo, Rukia, and Kisuke Urahara. Gin tells Ichigo that he did good stopping his blow, but states that his attack was a fluke, which angers Ichigo.

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Isshin tries to talk to Ichigo, but he is yelled at by his son, telling him to stay out of his way and that in a few more attacks, he'll win. As Isshin smiles at this, Gin asks Aizen if he interrupted his speech. Isshin and Ichigo are shocked by this, and Ichigo asks what's going on.

Isshin tells him that he has no idea, and the two of them begin arguing. Aizen welcomes Urahara onto the battlefield. Urahara mentions that it's been a long time since last they met, and takes note of the extraordinary form Aizen has taken. Aizen states that it's nothing, as midway through "evolution" is always ugly. Aizen explains that it isn't fusion and asked that the word "subdue" be used.

Urahara glares down at Aizen and remarks that it's true he was unable to master it, if Aizen is referring to the past. Aizen questions his statement, asking him if he's going to admit defeat. He then retracts the question making note that it shouldn't be the question. Aizen notes that he has seen the use of the portable Gigai decoy tactic in Yammy Llargo 's report.

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He admits he was careless, as he never thought Urahara would use such a cheap trick. He then asks what Urahara will do now that he has been constricted. After the smoke explosion dissipates Urahara remarks at how careless Aizen has become because of his new found power. Aizen appears behind him unharmed and notes that he's correct. Urahara moves to react, but Aizen slashes his right shoulder with his bare hand, wounding him as he exclaims he is too late. Aizen is suddenly trapped by spiritual energy cuffs at his wrist.

He stares in shock as Urahara explains that it is a seal, which seals the Reiatsu flowing out of his own palms.