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  1. Crime et châtiment | Festival La Rochelle Cinéma
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  3. ISBN 13: 9782070101740

He befriends the dead man's daughter Sonia, a prostitute who, like him, is beset with guilt.

Crime et châtiment | Festival La Rochelle Cinéma

Realising that he must be judged for his crime, Raskolnikov begins to betray himself to the investigating magistrate, Porphyre. The latter has no doubt over the student's guilt, but before he can make an arrest another man confesses to the killings.

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ISBN 13: 9782070101740

Licence Agreement [EN]. Accueil Archives No 6 : Hybride s Articles. Dinch J.

Entretien avec Atiq Rahimi. Le vide, je suis en plein dedans. Actes Sud.

Envoyé spécial. Homicide conjugal, la mécanique du crime - 5 avril 2018 (France 2)

Laplante L. Rahimi A.