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But consumer demand for his former band's material continued unabated within white metal fan circles as shown by 's well-received Greetings of Death, Etc. Listen to Deliverance now. Listen to Deliverance in full in the Spotify app Play on Spotify. To play this content, you'll need the Spotify app. More than 45 years later, it still retains its raw, unforgettable power. Burt Reynolds was known as a tough guy, and he reveled in the reputation. So for a scene in which Lewis goes over a waterfall in a canoe, he rebuffed John Boorman's plan to use a dummy.

Delivering ‘Deliverance’

Reynolds said he'd do it himself. That was a big mistake. The actor told The Hollywood Reporter :. Then I went down to the water below, and it was a whirlpool.

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You can get out, but you can't swim against it. So I went out. Adding embarrassment to injury, the force of shooting up out of the water caused Reynolds' costume to be completely torn off.

Opeth - Deliverance (Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London)

He emerged from the water bare. The other three, to various degrees, are unsuited to make the journey.

Deliverance Movie Review & Film Summary () | Roger Ebert

Before their trip is over, one of them is dead, one has been raped by a demented hillbilly and the other two have each killed a hillbilly with a bow and arrow. Dickey, who wrote the original novel and the screenplay, lards this plot with a lot of significance -- universal, local, whatever happens to be on the market.

He is clearly under the impression that he is telling us something about the nature of man, and particularly civilized man's ability to survive primitive challenges "Survival," the macho Burt Reynolds character tells us, "is the name of the game".

But I don't think it works that way. The movie is admittedly effective on the level of simple adventure.

See a Problem?

Director John Boorman and his cameraman, Vilmos Zsigmond , get some tremendously good and unfaked footage of the foursome shooting some fairly hairy rapids. The scenes of violence and rape also work, it must be admitted, although in a disgusting way. The appeal to latent sadism is so crudely made that the audience is embarrassed. As sometimes happens, however, the performances have a validity that transcends the film; Jon Voight , Burt Reynolds and, indeed, all the members of the cast are finely tuned and very good.

What the movie totally fails at, however, is its attempt to make some kind of significant statement about its action. For all of his 6 feet 4 inches and prowess with a bow and arrow, what James Dickey has given us here is a fantasy about violence, not a realistic consideration of it.