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A horrified Herod orders her executed. Much of the laughter derives at these entitled royal one-percenters indulge in their sex-driven obsessions further and further. When Salome triumphs in boxing in a reluctant Herod on his promise to grant her homicidal wish, a sick smile of Valley Girl satisfaction crosses her face.

William Freeman – Offical site for: Salomé – Daughter of the night® book series

He took the outrageously scandalous play Salome by Oscar Wilde and made heavy cuts to the script before composing a score for it — much like the process for his tone poems. Opening night, the work was blessed with the performance of Melody Moore, a Tennessee soprano who was making her FGO debut in a part she had never played. The role will be played on alternate nights by Kirsten Chambers, a Pennsylvania soprano, who has done the role before.

John gets a mountainous performance by Mark Delavan whose baritone issues forth from his sunken cell with a censorious strength, equaled by his imposing physical presence and stern piercing visage. John Easterlin somehow makes the lecherous Herod credible although Strauss and Wilde only gave him a couple of dramatic notes to play and he must act like the salivating Big Bad Wolf at the sight of the Three Little Pigs.

Salome Dances

But Uzan and Myers seem to have elicited a potent riff that feels very much of the moment. A side note: You might notice that other than the king, no one including prisoners like John seem to miss many meals at the palace of Herod. There is one crippling misstep. The Dance of the Seven Veils, supposedly sensual enough to drive men insane, is simply laughable. Chambers reportedly is a trained dancer, but Ms. Moore clearly is not. The video from Iran will be filmed by the Iranian audience who will send us video of street life, street art, daily life, parks, cafes, themselves if they want etc.

In America and the rest of the world, we will also ask for footage.

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But with this kind of freedom, there are prices that you have to pay. The song explains how the prices you have to pay for freedom are worth it. Since the song is very urban, both in the lyrics and the way it is produced, we will be filming Salome in an urban setting in Japan - as well as incorporating the urban footage from the audience in Iran and all over the world. This song also features another rapper, SplytSecond- who will be filmed in the USA - as he is based there.

She is known as Iran's first female rapper. And she was also the first female there to begin in graffiti. There are a lot of political thoughts about Iran, Iranians, and Salome, and even though she experienced the Post Election fall out in Iran, it wasn't just politics that made Salome change her life. She also grew tired of the urban life and along with other struggles, she knew it was time for a change. She now lives in a small town in Japan where she has changed her life drastically.

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But we will also bring up the past in Iran and her rap - which she continues to work on. Salome's songs and lyrics are very inspiring to many Iranians. It is time for more of the world to know about what she has learned from her struggles and how she works to keep peace. The production of both projects will last three weeks. One week in the US, and two weeks in Japan. Post-production should last about a month or two. Telling other people's stories is not only a joy for Sahar but a huge responsibility. Her visual stories tend to be more personal and her philosophy is that she is just there to connect the audience to the subject of the documentary - nothing more.

In , with this philosophy and background in mind, Sahar decided to create ZirZameen, a Persian and English series of short documentaries on underground artists and activists around the world. Her work as Executive Producer, Director, and Filmmaker of ZirZameen has received national and international attention. Sahar gained national attention for encouraging Iranians to join the Harlem Shake craze MSNBC and international attention when she received an exclusive interview with an underground rap group still residing in Iran.

Salome's Tale the documentary and Price of Freedom a music video is her next passion and venture, as she begins to collaborate with someone whom she not only admires but calls a friend.


Since Salome and Sahar will be collaborating on both the documentary and especially the music video, they will have some creative differences that they're excited to face. It is through working and collaborating with other artists that you learn and grow. This image of fruit refers to the sins of lust and blood, of the forbidden sexual contact he wants to eradicate. When Salome says she will kiss Iokanaan's dead mouth, she also says she will bite it as she bites a ripe fruit.

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  • Salome Symbols Share. Click to copy. Veils Veils appear frequently in Salome. The Moon Throughout the play the moon symbolizes a woman in different stages: grief, innocence, and sinfulness. Fruit In addition to sexual desire, fruit symbolizes the body of the beloved. Quotes Themes.