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Lillian accepted that request and got to work starting by digging up sand to form a perfect spot and then using a lighter to start the fire stating that her troops at home would be disappointed in her decision to do so. Ryan O. The tribe considered it to be a very good idea and the men immediately got to work on building it. The Drake tribe arrived at their camp and also began unloading their endless supply of materials.

The group celebrated after getting off the boat forming into a circle where they got themselves pepped up. Talks of building the shelter raised then. Shawn and Burton discussed that the shelter should go between the trees they talked by. Trish asked them whether firewood or bamboo was the priority for the tribe and they answered that both were. The tribe worked hard as a unity and they were all contributing to getting the objectives accomplished.

However, some members were tired and exhausted and thirst started setting in. Burton opened up a coconut and shared the coconut milk with Shawn and Michelle only. Burton and Shawn continued to order the other tribe members around to fill their desires and criticized anything that didn't please them, which annoyed some of the other tribe members. Their relationship and work ethics alienated some of the members of the tribe such as Rupert, Christa, and Sandra. Burton picked on Rupert saying "I love it when people have a beard it's like it catches anything that falls.

Pearl farming brings financial success

The Drake tribe used their map given to them by Jeff to find the well that contained the water. They arrived there where they were greeted with a major amount of mosquitoes just waiting for flesh to devour for lunch. The group suffered from many bug bites all over their skin with the exception of Jon who was practically untouched by the mosquitoes compared to the rest.

Back at the Morgan camp, Tijuana alerted the tribe that there wasn't a sufficient amount of water available to them at that moment and that they should go find some to boil in the pot and drink. The tribe failed to realize the path to the water was located on the map, but they used the running water they found on the ground that was described as looking like beer and being orange and rusty and probably having a bunch of diseases in it.

So, the tribe attempted to find another source. At night, Morgan had some troubles at their camp. They couldn't sleep, on account of the shelter not being situated in an efficient area or fashion as rocks were falling from above, and hermit crabs were biting them. Nicole joked that they should build their shelter in a ring of fire so the crabs couldn't get to them.

Osten then thought that there was a snake in the shelter, but it turned out to just be a pong frond that kept moving. Rupert joked that they didn't get any light or hygiene material, but at least they got boos. Jon commented that if they were 17 they would all be naked. Jon cracked more jokes and cursed excessively while doing so and while he said in a confessional it was an asset for him, he received mostly mixed to negative reactions from his tribemates.

Light rain fell onto the Drake tribe as the morning arrived. Michelle made a comment to Shawn and Burton that she didn't expect the piece of cloth she was holding to dry any time soon. It was very apparent the tribe was uncomfortable with having their casual everyday clothing on their backs as Sandra could be seen limping as she was walking and Rupert was "dying" due to his pants being so thick and tight. The tribe resorted to finding a solution to the agonizing situation.

Sandra rapped her foot with fronds stating she didn't want to wear her shoes as she wanted them to dry off for once. The tribe realized they could take advantage of the situation and change their clothing features to be more comfortable to stay in. Michelle started she could cut some of her pants off and make it a top and Christa supported the idea. Trish had help in cutting off some of her dress, saying that she felt much better after. Michelle helped cut off Shawn's suit to make them shorts. Christa realized she could use her dress to help Rupert out with his clothing issues as well as Michelle and still have some for her.

At the Morgan tribe, Tijuana suggested that they go scavenge for water. The guys are insistent they should stay and finish the shelter before going out to look however. Tijuana then discovered the map that was given to them by Jeff had the path to the location of the fresh water the whole time. The other members of the tribe were very shocked that they could have found the water they needed a long time ago and everybody was on board for looking now that they knew where to find it.

Lillian told Ryan S. Lillian and Ryan S. Back at the Drake tribe, Burton decided to go fishing with the spear gun due to not liking the idea of being inactive around camp. Shawn joined him on the endeavor. Burton quickly managed to catch a fish much to the tribe's satisfaction.

Rupert, however, knew he could be more of an asset for the tribe and went out to get a fish. When he caught one he went out to get some more and got a saltwater catfish. The tribe was shocked as Rupert went out, again and again, trying to get a fish for each member of the tribe. After his fifth one, the tribe began to be concerned about his body and if he can handle getting more. Rupert didn't manage to get one for each member of the tribe as he couldn't handle anymore, but they were certainly satisfied with his work.

As the morning of day three arrived at the Morgan tribe, Ryan S. They found an orange boat with a treasure chest in it. Nicole opened the chest to find a piece of paper. The Tree Mail told them the game was on and the upcoming important Immunity Challenge would be a test of brains and brawns.

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It told them they want to win as none of them should want to be voted out first. Tijuana jokingly said "you know what booty that is" giving the tribe a laugh. Andrew gave the tribe a pep talk reminding them that the challenge won't last long and that they just need to focus to succeed.

Nicole suggested that Andrew lead the tribe so that they stay coordinated in challenges. The tribe then got on their boat and headed for the challenge. Your first challenge is a test, of your brains and your brawn, Like pirates of old, it's the treasure you thirst, But no booty will be had, if you're voted out first. Jeff explained that pirates the theme of the season had to protect the loot they plundered by moving from an island to another and transporting their utility with them and therefore the tribes would be doing the same.

Each tribe had a cannon and they needed to transport it through a series of obstacles. They had to take the cannon apart first and get it through two fences, then they had to clear a path filled with rocks to get it through, and then they had to drag it through mud and then race to the finished with one member carrying the tribe flag and one carrying the tribe torch. The tribes needed to cross the finish line with all eight members and their cannon intact. When the challenge began, Nicole held the Morgan flag and Darrah held the Morgan torch.

Christa held the held the Drake flag and Sandra held the Drake torch. The Drake tribe took off with Rupert in the back end of the canon pushing. The Morgan tribe was trailing, but they both met up at the first obstacle. Drake made it through first as Morgan continued to fall behind.

At the second obstacle, Osten informed some of the others that his short kept falling off and per the deal that some made with Osten to get naked in the case that occurred in a challenge various male members of the Morgan tribe took off their shorts. Morgan continued to fall behind however as the tribes came to the third obstacle in which they needed to push through multiple fences. As the race to the finish line continued, the Drake tribe's cannon got stuck in the sand allowing Morgan to past them. The Morgan tribe was bound to win, however, their cannon also got stuck, allowing Drake to catch up, cross the finish line, and take the victory, while Morgan would have to do to Tribal Council where one member would become the first person voted out of Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Coming back from the Immunity Challenge, the Drake tribe was very happy to have pulled off their first win as a tribe. The tribe joked about the shocking event during the challenge when the Morgan males stripped down, with Rupert saying he was ready to puke and cry and Burton saying there was too many of them. But overall the tribe was happy to not have to send anybody home that night. Back at the Morgan camp the tribe seemed bummed to have lost their first impression under the circumstances that happened. Andrew cheered up the tribe telling them the performance they showed may have been bad, but they will pick themselves up, learn from it, and beat the other tribe the next challenge remembering how cocky the Drake tribe was when they scored their first victory.

Andrew told the girls that they saw what he said and Tijuana curiously asked what that was. Andrew stated he saw Ryan S. Tijuana brought up that Lillian worked hard when around camp on the fire and getting water, but that they could all accomplish those tasks. Andrew said if the other challenges are strenuous keeping Lillian is a big mistake and wondered if Lillian could handle it or if they would keep Ryan S. Lillian discussed with Ryan S. Nicole came aside with Lillian and told her she felt Tijuana needed to go as she felt the guys shouldn't go while they're still building the shelter and she likes them.

Lillian rushed to Andrew and Ryan O. Andrew told Tijuana about Nicole's plans to form an alliance with Lillian and blindside her. Tijuana then approached Darrah and Nicole and confronted Nicole. Nicole denied that she ever said she would vote Tijuana off that night and stated she felt that Tijuana was making the situation uncomfortable for her. Tijuana replied that she was simply asking to find out the truth. Time for discussing the vote came to an end and the tribe had to head out to Tribal Council. Jeff instructed the tribe to grab a torch and approach the flame as part of the ritual of Tribal Council as it represents life in the game because when their fire is gone so are they.

He commented on the fact three guys got naked at the challenge saying it's one thing to get naked and win the challenge and another to get naked and lose it. And asked if any of the guys had any regrets of that. Osten answered that they absolutely did not have any. Jeff asked Ryan O. He said the first three days was cool as he gets along with everyone and everybody liked him and also added that he could care less about the food, but was struggling with water.

Jeff asked Andrew if he was struggling with water as well and Andrew answered that he was very hydrated going into Tribal Council and that sleep is the concern he's had as he hasn't gotten much of a chance to do so for the past three days. Jeff asked why this was so and he replied that they built a hut and the poles were uneven so it didn't work out well.

Jeff asked Lillian if he was a scoutmaster and confirmed she was adding on she had eleven years into her uniform. He responded with a follow-up question asking if it had served her well out in the wild and she responded that it had and that it also gave her patience. Jeff asked Nicole if she's made any friendships and she answered that it was too early to say and she couldn't really trust anyone yet as she saw several sides of people that get defensive in some circumstances, obviously talking about Tijuana.

Jeff asked Lillian if anybody had emerged as the leader of the tribe and she answered that Andrew was elected as one by the team and that he had done a great job in his role as he listens to everyone's opinion and she values that in a leader. Jeff asked Andrew, the confirmed leader of Morgan now, who he felt wasn't pulling their weight around camp and Andrew immediately threw Ryan S.

Jeff asked Ryan S. Nicole was the first to vote and threw a vote towards Ryan S. Tijuana threw her vote towards Nicole due to the fact that she stabbed her in the back and added that she was glad she found out in time so she could save herself before anything bad could happen. Jeff tallied the votes and read them, in which a not surprised Nicole gathered Tijuana and the other member of the tribes' vote due to her dishonesty which sealed her fate in a seven to one vote. Before the tribe left to head back to camp, Jeff reminded them that they should never lose hope in the game.

Immunity Challenge: Cannon Carry Pirates had to protect the loot they plundered from other pirates by moving from an island to another island and transporting their utility with them and therefore the tribes would be demonstrating the same course of action. Located at Snapping Duck Bay, each tribe had a makeshift cannon with detachable parts and they needed to navigate and transport it through a series of hard obstacles.

They had to take the cannon apart first and get it through two fences, then they had to clear a path covered with rocks everywhere to get it through, then they had to drag it through thick mud and then race to the finish with one member carrying the tribe flag and one member carrying the tribe torch. The tribes needed to cross the finish line first with all eight members and their cannon intact.

Winner: Drake. Simply Shocking! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. Nicole 16th. Andrew Morgan. Burton Drake. Christa Drake. Darrah Morgan. Jon Drake. Lillian Morgan. Michelle Drake. Osten Morgan. Rupert Drake. Sandra Drake. Shawn Drake.

Tijuana Morgan. Trish Drake. Categories :. He says the game starts; you're taking nothing. I'm wearing an Armani suit. How am I going to get by? What am I going to do with a suit? I was like, okay, well this is fine, I don't have a bra on, I hope my dress stays up. Rupert is the man. I thought, this dude is cool, he's a big old hippie, and ugh he looks strong as an ox. Tijuana, she's unbelievable. She's a Nubian princess. That's how good looking she is. I go by the moniker of Johnny Fairplay; I don't play fair.

I was like oh my god, what have I done? This is beyond what I bargained for. I knew it was gonna be the adventure of a lifetime I didn't know it was gonna be this big of an adventure of a lifetime. I don't get in the water, I respect the water. And I'm not like that strong of a swimmer so I was in a state of shock. I was like oh my lord, I could be in a state of hurt right now. I never would have thought swimming with my clothes on would have be so hard, but it was. With my thick denim jeans my legs were rubber. It took all I had to keep kicking and getting it to shore.

I was spent. And it hadn't even started yet! We didn't come to shore together at all. I was hoping that we would come together with some plans, some goals, ugh what we wanted to go to first, but that wasn't the case at all. Ugh some of the girls took off and ugh Ryan O. He was gone it's like he wasn't even part of the tribe. He was gone, he had his own mission, and I don't even remember him consulting anybody about it. I wanted to check out the village and get to certain places and find where stuff was first and also try to find where the boat was. And I run all the way down to the boat dock and I didn't have a map, I didn't have any money to pay this guy.

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When I got to those stairs, I was done. We sit the sucker down and I needed to rest. The other team Morgan came up, sat their stuff next to us, and all left. This is definitely a pirate adventure. Pirates pillage, pirates steal, pirates take advantage. If they were gonna be silly enough to put it right next to me, I'm gonna put it in my thing.

All their trade goods, all the little women shoes, the insoles. Everything that I could find in there I took. I always said I would lie, steal and cheat to win this game. There was my stealing; I stole for the Drake. The way we attacked getting our supplies at the village was ugh a bit chaotic, it was confusion.

We only had a limited amount of money, so I made an impulsive decision to sell my clothes to benefit my tribe. You know you gotta go fast on some people and I was gonna try and do whatever it took to made a sale so we could have more money for my group to do whatever we need to do with the money. Osten, cause you know girls, we don't necessarily have to spend our money, with these old guys they're really horny, so you can just show them your boobs. He didn't even know our names really yet, or us at all.

That was his first you know introduction to us, I was like this guy's a jerk. Sandra, she was so amazing in the town because she spoke the language and worked out all these incredible deals and it wouldn't have been possible. When we got to the village I was lucky that I knew Spanish and I was trying to bargain with the lady at the store and ask people for certain things. The lady at the store had it in for Trisha. Trisha thought the lady was laughing and giggling with her whatever, but the lady actually I think, you know liked her in a sexual way.

There's Trisha hugging the lady, laughing and giggling like it's all good and it's like yo' we need to go. I feel like the village people really respected Sandra, because she was being nice and decent about things and respectful, unlike the other tribe who was screaming at people. We're walking out with the merchandise we payed for and then another person says "no you didn't pay for it".

Wait what?

Pearl Harbor Attack: Photos and Facts from December 7, - HISTORY

I'm sorry? So, it definitely was a difficult situation, especially when you don't know all the words you need to say. I don't really get along with Tijuana, she seems like extremely overexcited about things and that was just frustrating for me. We handled it to the best of our ability and in the end they came out on top by saying face it we'll give this to you, so worked out well. We went around the corner and there was this lady having - they were dancing - she was having a barbecue.

And I said you know I'll give you this gold chain for everything you have here and she looked at my chain and she was like "yeah". I put the chain around her neck and she was like "what do you want? The only thing we didn't take was the grill. I was definitely pissed to see the Drake tribe and all of the wealth they came too, all of the fortune.

That definitely just kinda deflates you a little bit, like man we could have done that, we could have been even more prepared. They were taking their time and we weren't. We had money leftover, we should have spent absolutely all the money. I don't think we ugh fundamentally did the right decision. I think we could have gotten a few more good supplies.

I think people were just too anxious to get on the boat and get the thing started.

Other Places We've The Drink Taken:

As far as getting enough that we need, only time will tell. We did very well in the village. You know we managed to get a ton of stuff for the little bit of money we had. We got fishing line, a bunch of hooks, I know we got fishing spear for catching fish.

For many Holocaust survivors, effects of wartime starvation still a plague

We got wine, we got a huge tarp, we got two machetes which are essential. I put about forty dollars in my pocket, so it wouldn't be in the bag just as a safety measure, because I figured with that I can definitely get a ride. We're pretty well fit for the jungle right now. I think we're definitely ready to go all out for the next forty days.

Seeing the flag, I'm thinking I can't believe I'm here, this is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life. I think that should be the first big celebration just sheer excitement, it was none of that. I got off the boat last, I walked up and already people talking about where are we gonna put our camp? Bla, bla bla. Like man we're here, let's jump up and down, let's give some hugs, let's do something that's none of that. And McCain's staff did the planning for the later landbased airfields on Vella Lavella, Bougainville et al that were critical in enabling the Fast Carrier Groups.

Not bad for a former battleship sailor. Too bad the guy worked himself to death and dropped dead of a heart attack four days after VJ Day. It was in the Solomons, tho, that the USN began to realize that the old pre-war paradigm - that carriers would always be too vulnerable to land-based airpower - had been stood on it's head. The island bases WERE important. But the real shocking thing was that you didn't HAVE to have an island base to defeat an enemy's island base. You could do that with seaborne airpower. That changed the rules in a way that utterly screwed Imperial Japan.

Mind you And the IAAF has always impressed me as an organization that always seemed to manage to make the least of it's strengths. By the Americans were fighting the war of ; the Japanese were still, in too many critical ways, still fighting the war of They knew they were going against the several hundred land-based aircraft at Hickam, Wheeler, Haleiwa, Ewa, and K-Bay airfields. Plus they were nervously looking over their shoulder for the three USN carriers normally based at Pearl.

So they brought the Kido Butai with eight carriers and over aircraft of their own. Hmmm, maybe they should have brought eight to Midway also? And that does not count the many scores of baby flat-tops or escort carriers like the USS Gambier Bay. Before and during that campaign began we lost the Langley, the Lexington, the Wasp and the Hornet in those seas, plus damaged the Yorktown which we lost later at Midway.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

Plus I think many Naval Aviators knew that land-based airpower was overrated back in the s when Billy Mitchell sank the Ostfriesland while she was in a fixed position, not underway with boilers not fired up, no steerage, sea anchors out, no damage control parties onboard, and no escorts with supporting AAA fire.

But you are right that the Navy Brass at the time did not understand the implications. It could hold ships and was critical as an anchorage and for resupply and repair. The Navy could not leave Japanese airfields on islands anywhere near it, and they needed their own airfields on those other islands to protect it - more than the little strip available on Falalop at Ulithi itself. Plus in the Gilberts, Marshalls, Carolines and elsewhere they needed seaplane bases, weather stations, radio relays, direction finding sites, etc.

In the Marianas and Aleutians they were recapturing American territory. The Ryukus? I would guess Marshall and MacArthur wanted that for staging the thirty divisions plus of the First, Sixth and Eighth Armies for the invasion of the home islands. I understand 42 aircraft carriers were scheduled to support that during Operation Downfall. Iwo Jima turned out to be useless as a staging base for 'Downfall'. But the Army Air Force apparently wanted it taken. Not just as an emergency landing field for returning Bs. But also to prevent Japanese fighter planes based on Iwo to intercept those Bs and to attack US airfields in the Marianas.

And to base P fighters there so they could escort and protect the Bs all the way into and back from Tokyo. Although I understood all that was marginal. Except perhaps for using it as an emergency landing site, but the Navy carrier fliers did not have a Bingo airfield like that, they had to ditch in the ocean. Hi Mike, Thanks for this post. I lost my Dad this year and he was also 92 and a WWII vet who saw a lot of combat which left him a changed man. It affected him for many decades but he seems to find some peace about 60 years old.

He joined in late 42 after his mother finally gave him permission, knowing he'd be drafted anyway in a couple of months. He became a radioman and bombardier in dive and torpedo bombers flying off escort carriers in the Pacific and he earned a DFC along the way. Andy - Sorry about your Dad. Good thing he was not in one of those torpedo bombers at Midway. Or I assume you would not be here today? Where did he earn the DFC, do you know which campaign that was? Hi Mike, Thank you. He did live a good long life - I hope I make it to He was active to the end. I don't recall which campaign he got the DFC, but I believe it was either Saipan or the Philippines as those were the last campaigns he was involved in.

The citation itself his 2nd wife has the original is rather short and lacks detail, as awards were back then.