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In a protection and prevention perspective, the study of victimological aspects of persecutory acts is fundamental, in terms of early recognition of risk situations and evaluation of main coping strategies. The authors, through a literature review on the topic, aim to highlight the importance of research in this field, which is still limited, in order to identify appropriate interventions to reduce the negative consequences of the phenomenon and to protect the victims. Maria Caprioli, 8 - Lecce - tel.

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Home presentation Publisher Contact. Published in , 1st issue. Tagged under stalking defence victims consequences copying strategies. Social sharing. Related items by tag La percezione sociale delle vittime del terrorismo Immigrati, vittima plurale.

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Stalking the Wild Asparagus! - Osteria del Leone

But Slovenians have not forgotten her. Since Donald Trump started his presidential campaign, tourism has reportedly risen by 30 percent. Sevnica, it turns out, was, like Zlin, also once a shoe factory town. Stop al femminicidio.

Gang-stalking on Italian provincial road SP18 between Galatina (LE) and Collemeto [May 30, 2018]

Decreto legge anti-stalking del Governo Letta-Alfano: denuncia irrevocabile e difesa gratuita. Accademia della Crusca explains possible interpretations and synonyms pedinatore, persecutore, inseguitore e molestatore , but if one wants to say "stalker" as an Italian word, it's also OK. Jun 27 '15 at In conclusion, you are fine also by saying "stalker" in Italy too!

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Hope this helps. Andrea Andrea 3 3 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. The law about this crime is art. DaG: maybe you are right from a strictly, formal point of view. But in newspapers and television you always listen at "stalking", especially during crime news. So, Italian language accepts the word "stalking".

Since you are quoting the Article, you can see that the english form is expressed as well: gazzettaufficiale.

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Yes, newspapers and everybody else use commonly the English word; I was just asking whether it was used in official texts too. SE and thanks for your answer! I'd like to point out that the term "stalker" in Italian, if used in a serious context and not in a joking way, is somewhat stronger than "uno che mi perseguita" and usually means someone prone to criminal harassment. I would be pretty sure the correct form is "unO psicopatico"..