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Greenhouse effect. Kyoto protocol, target status. Kyoto protocol, cost of implementation.

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Kyoto protocol, projected target status. Main greenhouse gases. Mitigating climate change: cost in out of GDP.

Modeled temperature compared to observed temperature for the last years. National carbon dioxide CO2 emissions per capita. Overview of renewable energy sources.

UNFCCC & Kyoto Protocol

Past and future CO2 concentrations. Potential climate change impacts. Precipitation changes: trends over land from to Sea level change: estimations and predictions. Sensitivity, adaptability and vulnerability.


Expert review teams have the mandate to highlight potential compliance problems — known as questions of implementation — that they find, and to refer these to the Compliance Committee if Parties fail to address them. Parties must also establish and maintain a national registry to track and record transactions under the mechanisms. As an added monitoring tool, the secretariat will keep an independent transaction log to ensure that accurate records are maintained. All information, except that designated as confidential, will be made available to the public.

It consists of a Compliance Committee, composed of a plenary, a bureau, and two branches: a facilitative branch and an enforcement branch. As their names suggest, the facilitative branch aims to provide advice and assistance to Parties, including early-warning that a Party may be in danger of not complying, where the enforcement branch has the power to apply certain consequences on Parties not meeting their commitments.


It must also develop a compliance action plan, and its eligibility to sell under emissions trading will be suspended. The Protocol rulebook sets out detailed procedures for considering cases of potential non-compliance, along with an expedited procedure for reviewing cases concerning eligibility to participate in the mechanisms. General terms as well as website of Kyoto Protocol.

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This page was last modified on 20 February , at Privacy policy About Coastal Wiki Disclaimers. China's current annual production of carbon dioxide was 2. Even when China passes the United States as the largest carbon emitter, the average Chinese person will still be producing only a quarter as much carbon as the average American, according to McKibben. Sun also said in the interview that China's GDP had risen fourfold from to , while its energy consumption only doubled, showing the efforts by the Chinese government to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

He also noted that China has pledged to raise its energy efficiency by 20 percent between and As the negotiators in Montreal begin to discuss the next round of greenhouse gas limits—beyond the targets in the Kyoto Protocol—finding a way to include China is considered crucial. Skip to Main Content Area.