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My productivity at night really depends on how tired I am. I have found myself falling asleep while writing. It was like my writing was swerving and my sentences were falling apart. I actually prefer writing first thing in the morning after that first cup of coffee. It gives me a lift and makes me very ambitious. Love his idea about immersion, so true. I agree. That way I can really be pulled in. I also find getting out of the house makes a difference. Writing for my blog can happen anytime but writing in general happens best in the AM.

It completely changes where I was originally going with the next days blog post. This is interesting, because the dead of night has that allure of being this magical inspirational portion of time that goes unmatched with the rest of the day. I definitely prefer day-writing once I get something in my belly and the film off my teeth , but that works out great for me since I usually have my days open before I tutor in the evenings. I hate mornings and I hate being around morning people.

The Shakespeare sentence that changed my writing – and can change yours - Poynter

How someone can be cheerful and all smiles in the morning is something I cannot fathhom. I try not to ever SEE the morning if I can help it. Just the way I am made and it works great for me. When my house was full it was a different story. Thank you for this encouraging post! I need ammunition, thoughts, inspiration. I spend so much time listening to music and playing out battle scenes in my head. I tend to squeeze in my writing on the bus ride to work or in bits and pieces thru notes on Evernote.

Nonetheless, every once in awhile I still have a streak of midnight inspiration. I get some of my best writing done at night. Edit sober. But what I think he meant was just write.

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Let the words fall where they may. Write without thinking. Then, step away, take some time to yourself to refresh. Then, revisit your work and edit it to perfection. I think you wrote this post about me! By that point in the day, my head is overflowing with ideas and it just spills out on the page. Just saw this link…and the comments. I want to encourage you budding author.

Follow your heart; after all, God gave us the desires of our heart. A friend of The Friend. Merry Christ mas and Happy New Year.

Bourne Piano - Nigh Ron

Wow, awesome!!! So many people out there tell you to do your writing first thing in the morning but that is just not the way I like to write. This is great! I write best at night because by then, my mornings, afternoons and early evenings would have filled my body with inspiration. Well, duh! Now I get it! Thanks for this! But writing matters to me more. I found this today, this morning, when I woke up to sit down and writing.

I thought about how, when I go to bed at night, instead of reading or whatever, I prefer to think about my characters and scenes. I thought about how, in the morning, all I wanna do is drink my goddam coffee and read and watch shit online, receive, input, not output. Because writing in the morning feels like torture. Thanks so much for confirming my suspicions. Another of my kind! I agree pigeon; I became sick and tired of constantly hearing how much better it is to create in the morning, the earlier the better.

I can only take input in the a. If the morning is so great, why do I feel wonderful late at night and get so much work done? When I used to have to work away from home, I always looked for positions on second or third shift. At least it is not true for us night owls. Just like being an introvert. I got tired of others making me feel out of the mainstream because I hate crowds and function at night. We are not weird; we are just another version of the variation of the human condition.

We are lucky to live in a time with great technology that allows us to complete our work at the best time for our rhythms. Hi Pigeon. Even some Homing Pigeons fly at night. One flew through storms that blew it waaay of course. It made it all the way from Maine, in the U. Fly Right! Fly Write! If flying by night is your natural rythmn, why go against the way you were made. I went through the same struggle. Then I came to acceptance, and with that….

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Mo Pigeon. I thought that it was only because I was procrastinating on getting my paper done for class was the reason that I wrote at night. I do some of my best work when I type it at night and proof read in the morning and through the day. I feel that there is so much more for me to write about when I have gone through a day. This article was great, thanks for the insight. I do write at night, and often. My writing seems to be more honest at night. It is often hard to really examine yourself in the light of day.

I LIKE that you commented that your writing seems to be more honest at night. I have noticed the same thing. At night, the mind seems free.

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  • You caught something of the core of the issue, I think. Writing at night right now. Just found this blog and subscribed. Hoping to grow my writerly network! This is a real interesting thought. When I was pursuing drawing and art, I used to draw exclusively at night. Important thoughts are sometimes lost between breaths. My writing day usually looks like 10 minutes here, 2 minutes there,…pull over on side of the road and take 30 sec to write that line, etc. However, finishing what I start is hard. I get distracted with new shiny ideas so quickly.

    Are books dead, and can authors survive?

    I can easily slam 10 full size pages for a short story, or even further to Catch a few winks.. Greet the kids when they come home…a few hours in the evening. They go to bed, right? After they go to bed…write the great American Novel. Why not you? Happy New Year.

    This was a reminder and refresher. In my University days I recall doing my best work 10pm — 2am at late night cafes and sometimes at home. Research done, notes made, tea and snacks and going for it. I wrote my first book between the hours of and I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying here. Super posting! After reading this, I am feeling rather redeemed. I always wrote at night, but I was told that was due to lack of discipline and general procrastination. But it always felt more natural. Please note: The following is to be read, as it was written; with a light-hearted, satirical tone of amusement.

    Although they can be strangely annoying. Okay; here we go:. Lots of late night writers ended up healthy, wealthy and wise. You know: Faulkner, Steinbeck, Mowatt, etcetera. Except for those guys, some of who knocked themselves off, or died of alcoholism. But the rest of we nighthawks are not all boozehounds with no love , wisdom or pennies in our lives! Some writers make more than folks who work hours a week their entire adult life. And she wrote through the night sometimes. So why do morning doves look down their beaks at we night hawks? Can I get a drink of water? If it were not for the family I would still be doing something during those hours besides sleeping.

    As it is, I am still often up late or early enough that it was like staying up all night. Hey Jeff, Good thoughts here. But I wake up with it clicking like a ticker tape. Thanks for the encouragement. Eric Deeter. I almost always write at night. I usually start writing around midnight and write until 4 a. This is full of awesome. Sometimes the only time to write is from 2am to 4am, when I have insomnia.

    Weekends after gardening, eating, enjoying the family are also good writing times. Whenever I write at night, I always go to sleep, wake up and read It and then realise its rubbish. I am increasingly finding that doing an all nighter each week, certainly seems to work better for me.

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    The distractions are fewer, no-one is around on the forums I frequent, the online newspapers slowdown and the only emails I get are junk I get to rest during the day. I have always been a night owl, and I find a lot of my thoughts come rushing into my head between pm to bedtime. Anyway, this was most significant during my middle school. I had a crush on a boy in my class, and every night, I would think of the details of that day about his glances or smiles, his talks and his acts, and I would think of various evident proving that he likes me too.

    I would also think about how I could give him to understand that I like him, and what we could do if we were a couple. As the chores in middle school are not that heavy I am a Chinese student, so you can imagine the pressure of everyday studies we have , I kept a journal in which I wrote about my thoughts and emotional changes, my dreams and everyday excitements. And I would write it almost everyday after I finished my homework, and before bed.

    Bob Nigh: My Story

    Now I am a high school student applying for a university in the U. S, and I choose this time of night to write my essays. I still occasionally read my middle school diaries I stop writing diaries after I went on to high school and it feels great to experience all that feeling again as what I had written in late nights so vivid and so honest. I LOVE writing at night! Like you said, it is my most creative and most productive time of day. And you know what?

    Funny how that works. I could not agree more! I definitely agree. I knew I was right. I agree though: I am much more eloquent and create better content at night. My best time of the day is the morning after breakfast. Ideas are fresh to me more in the morning than at night. Tack on the fact that I work in TV where your shift is always changing.

    I am slowly working my way into a 5am-1pm shift, which would most likely force me to write in the afternoon. It has to be a time you can be comfortable with. I find setting a schedule day after day to write works better. Yes, I am one of those schedule freaks.

    Getting the Most Out of Night Writing

    Less fidgety, more focused, and less likely to get distracted. The second main think is less interruption. Before I had a family and a day job, I would write late night. They were outstandingly productive times- no internet to distract, no cable and TV stations tended to either sign off or just run infomercials.

    Who knows? Maybe it will work for me too! Research indicates that morning people tend to be more active and goal oriented. So does that mean night owls are at a disadvantage? The group discovered significant differences in sleep preferences and found that people with higher IQs are more likely to be night owls. Morning people tend to be more goal oriented, but night people are more creative. Plus everyone tends to be most creative when tired. I wish I could name the sites and magazines where I read this though. I enjoy writing during the hours of am because it creates a positive outlet for the nightly feelings of melancholy and loneliness.

    As an early bird who requires 7 hours of sleep minimum, I probably would do better writing from pm. This article has inspired me to go back to substitute teaching and tutoring though. As a fiction writer, I need to interact with people. Actually, several were hermits. Poe, Hemingway, and many others. But I understand your reasoning. I like to write first drafts at night. Some great and creative content comes out then. But editing and planning needs to be done during the day when I am most alert. I feel you are more creative at dark or in dark.

    I get up between am and write until my kids get up at am, then if I have the time and energy I put more work in later in the day. I write with nothing in my system but 2, maybe 3 cups of black coffee and I feel so excited about going to bed at night to repeat the process. No one is awake to bother me 3am, even my baby who still feeds on demand might have a feed and go back to sleep. I am productive at that time and my writing turns out best in the mornings.

    I would say the generalization that all great writers write at night is false. This was a refreshing read! My most potent writing has almost always come thought in the middle of the night, and usually by accident. Usually when I read it during the day I think, Damn, I wrote that? Where did that come from! I agree that it comes through more creatively at night because we are more relaxed, its peaceful and quiet and there are no distractions like there are during the hustle of the day.

    It really comes down to tapping into our own unique flow and owning it without apology, so open up the space to do our most potent work! I write at night all the time. Usually five minute sprints before bed. If I have any other ideas after that I jot down the idea but stop myself and go to bed. The next morning I start writing more to it while I get ready for school. The main moment where I have darkness surrounding me and complete silence is when I can actually sit down, stop moving around, type what comes to mind. Like most, I go to be so late.

    I can survive on the minimum of 4 hrs of sleep. I wake up at noon or just before. No one to text or call me. No apartment neighbors yelling at each other outside or kids stomping around upstairs. During the day, I watch my favorite shows. I find it as more quiet and peaceful.

    When i write at this hour, i found myself beimg more creative. Night writing u wont have anything else diverting your mind and u can actually concentrate and open up ur mind more… Moreover at night i cant go out from my house. Restricted… lol. Bestselling author and creativity expert Jeff Goins dismantles the myth that being creative is a hindrance to success by revealing how an artistic temperament is, in fact, a competitive advantage in the marketplace. For centuries, the myth of the starving artist has dominated our culture, seeping into the minds of creative people and stifling their pursuits.

    In fact, they capitalized on the power of their creative strength. Get the Book. Like most writers starting out, I thought that writing was an all day event. A lot of great writers, authors, bloggers, and freelancers choose to spend their nights writing. A race to the finish? Writing should never be a race to the finish. This study will bolster your faith in the divine origins of the Remnant Church. His topics are based more on getting ready than on being warned about the current dangers.

    Abundant evidence proving the scriptures are relevant to all aspects of our lives, and he presents the benefits of worship to the chemistry and physiology of the body. Worship changes the physiology. Your shopping cart is currently empty. Current Stock:. Add to Cart. Details Reviews This material is the result of years of study, reflection, research, organizing and writing.