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  1. The Mystery of Gregory Mansion by Joan S. Lockwood - Paperback | KSA | Souq
  2. Occult and Battery
  3. Publication Order of Bay Island Psychic Mystery Books
  4. Transposition: A Hazard and Somerset Mystery

The Mystery of Gregory Mansion by Joan S. Lockwood - Paperback | KSA | Souq

First, Hazard and Somers have to survive. It is Thanksgiving weekend and Emery Hazard finds himself working as his partner and roommate volunteered them for duty. After all he had dinner plans with his boyfriend before taking him to the airport. First Emery re-injured his shoulder trying to push a car back on the road to help a rude stranger stranded in a snowstorm.

Then said snowstorm stranded him and Somerset on a farm together with a party playing a murder mystery game. Only soon thereafter the game took a deadly turn and the body count kept increasing — and not the fictional kind. Once again I find myself being unsure of how I actually feel and think about our two main characters.

Do I like them or not? The third series, "The Last Train", is set with 26 stories during a bizarre train ride that Gregory embarks upon. It differs from the previous two series in that there is no guest, nor is the hotel the central setting.

Occult and Battery

Instead, Gregory himself is the protagonist, and the series takes place on the previously mentioned train as Gregory tries to escape from his own house and his role as the innkeeper. However, like the previous two protagonists, he fails, and the train only takes him back to Gregory House. The fourth series, "The Bloody Karte" presented as a side series on the DVDs , is a set of 12 stories about Catherine working in a mysterious hospital.

The anime was adapted into a PS2 game by Capcom in The general premise of the game involves the player who can choose to be male or female trying to escape from Gregory House, a deranged hotel run by the old mouse Gregory. The game involves having to steal bottled souls from twelve guests, and returning them to Death before going to sleep in Room In the game, Neko Zombie helped explain the gameplay and introduces the player to mental health.

Mental health acts like a health gauge of the player's mental fortitude. The player must maintain a good level of mental health by sleeping, reading books, or using special "herb" items reminiscent of the Resident Evil game series. If the player's mental health completely runs out, then the character goes insane, and becomes a permanent guest at Gregory House.

While the bizarre cube-esque graphics which were a staple of the 'anime' give the game an unusual look for a survival horror game, there is still an element of tension and unease because the player must creep around the hotel, avoiding detection by the various guests. If the player gets caught by one of them, then the guest will attack them by forcing them to watch some 'Horror Shows', a bizarre vision of violence set in a traditional Japanese theatre in which the guest will inflict severe harm upon you.

The game features a goldmine of easter eggs and backstory which either reference or expand upon certain events of the series. For example, in the 'Bloody Karte' arc, Catherine develops an attraction for Hell's Chef; in the game, the player can find a signed trading card of him in the psychotic nurse's treatment room.

Also, if a player takes the time to follow the guests around the building at various points in the game, they will often divulge interesting tidbits about the hotel and each other. The passion between Graham and Rikker sizzles and the obstacles they overcome to find their happy is an emotional powerhouse.

I get goosebumps just thinking about some of the passages in this book. Joe and Sammy are far from just comic book artists. From childhood in Brooklyn to starting a comic book empire and even having a role in WWII there so much in this book I re-read from time to time to admire the story and the storytelling.

Publication Order of Bay Island Psychic Mystery Books

Wolfsong by TJ Klune. If your into audiobooks, this is a great one because Kirt Graves does an incredible job bringing the large cast to life. Tell me about one of your all-time favorite books. Three commenters will be chosen at random and they can have their pick of any book in the Codename: Winger series.

Drop your comment by the end of the day on Sunday, June 2.

Transposition: A Hazard and Somerset Mystery

Also to note, during June, to celebrate Pride Month, Tracker Hacker will be 99cents from all ebook retailers. I'm really excited to announce that Criminal Past , book six in the Hazard and Somerset Mysteries, launches tomorrow! This book completes a six-book arc for my two protagonists. It isn't the end of the series, though! I'll be starting the next Hazard and Somerset arc next year! This week, I'm doing a giveaway of three copies of the audiobook of Transposition, the second Hazard and Somerset Mystery. Hey guys!

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I'm doing a giveaway of three copies of the audiobook of Pretty Pretty Boys, the first Hazard and Somerset Mystery, to celebrate. After almost twenty years, Emery Hazard finally has the man he loves.

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While Hazard struggles with his new reality changing dirty diapers, just to start , a bizarre murder offers a distraction. John Oscar Walden, the leader of a local cult, is found dead by the police, and the case falls to Hazard and Somers. But the deeper Hazard looks into the cult, the deeper he must look into his own past, where belief and reason have already clashed once.

Here's the cover:And here's the sales copy:Emery Hazard and his partner, John-Henry Somerset, have solved their first case together. The brutal murders that rocked the quiet town of Wahredua have been put to rest. Hazard, however, finds his life has only grown more complicated as he adjusts to his new home. Strictly as friends, of course. Without backup, they can only rely on their wits--and on each other--to survive. First, Hazard and Somers have to survive. Writing this book was very exciting for me; it's substantially different from the first book in the series, but it also pushes the overarching story and the characters in important directions.

Transposition also gives us the first glimpse into who Hazard and Somers might end up being--although they've got a long way to get there. After announcing a launch date for Transposition that I failed to meet by a large margin! I won't be giving you a launch date for the next book, Paternity Case, just yet. It needs revision and editing, though. As I get closer to a launch date, and when I'm sure I can stick to schedule, I'll announce it here.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it! Emery Hazard and his partner, John-Henry Somerset, have solved their first case together. Gregory Ashe. Interview with Jeff Adams. Today, I'm honored to post my recent interview with Jeff Adams. If you don't know Jeff, he's an awesome guy who wears many hats: he and his husband are the geniuses behind the Big Gay Fiction Podcast , he writes killer books I'm a little in love with Theo, the protagonist of his YA thriller series, but see below for some of his other work , and he does all this while working a full-time job!

One note: Jeff is graciously giving away three books.